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Lets be honest we all love to read "naughty" stories, or in our case swingers stories, after all it offers a true insight into what is going on in someone's head and really does it matter if it is real life stories or just fiction? Although a lot of the stories our members submit are REAL life stories which does make them a tad more exciting to read.

A famous writer once wrote that within us all we all have a story that is just waiting to come out and thankfully for all us voyeur swingers our members have no worries about putting these into an email and sending them into us so other can read and enjoy what they have been getting up to!

Read our swingers stories they are FREE to read and offer a real insight!

We have a huge collection of stories that have been submitted by a cross sections of members from straight swingers, bisexual, crossdressers, singles or groups that love to express themselves in the written form that really offers a wonderful insight into the lifestyle.

One of the most interesting things I've enjoyed with reading members stories is just how different the swinging scene is around the world and how people differ with cultures and different sexual orientations and their approach to sex after all I assumed all crossdressers were gay! that wrong.

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When you start reading the free stories here hopefully you may also want to submit stories, if so it is a simple case of joining the site (it is free to join) and then within that membership is access to the blogs section so when you become inspired to send a story in its only a case of logging in and submitting your work. It really is that simple and then thousands of our members right across the world will be hanging onto your every written word.

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To give you some idea of the stories we have within the members section we have posted samples here as just a taster really of what are members are posting detailing what they are getting up to, so enjoy and return often!

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