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Are you a crossdresser looking to read stories? or maybe a Transvestite admirer that wants to read what really goes on in a guys head when he's dressed as a women, well in that case we can help

As a nationwide contacts website we are never short of members sending us stories that they want adding into the crossdress section, in fact more often than not its only time that stops us from constantly adding crossdress stories!

When it comes to great fiction or even true like crossdressing stories their nothing like reading a members story even if it should be fiction and to be completely honest given the choice or real life happening or a made sexual fantasy I know the fantasy gets my vote any day of the week!

To give you some idea of the stores we have I will be posting a sample here along with contacts information as well so if your looking for a horny admirer or sexy tranny then we can direct you towards thousands of contacts and detailed on the bottom is a direct link to view members profiles

crossdress stories, real life & fiction submitted stories- so enjoy!

These stories offer a great insight into the transgender lifestyle and from the viewpoint of an admirer make interesting reading and as a great author once said " we all have a story inside us"

We are in the process of updating this section so please be a little patient whilst the update is in progress

Fancy meeting up with some sexy trannies? want to have the pleasure of a crossdresser sucking your hard cock? Yes well in that case you've found one of the best TV,TS & CD contacts sites going and as we offer free basic membership it won't cost you anything you anything to join up.......

If you want to check out our members then use the link below as that will display ALL profiles, once a member you can then refine the search to your county to help you find local contacts faster


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