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Anyway, this is probably not as raunchy as many entries on this site, but it's really aimed at others that are still waiting for the first time. The funny thing is I don't have to do many of the preparations I had to do then any more but re-reading it brings back how difficult things could be.

My, preparation for my first date, how I transfered into the sexy women that I am

I carefully shaved, it was a shame actually, in a way, that I had dressed the night before as it made getting a perfectly smooth face more difficult [these days less of a problem, LASER removal is a wonderful thing]. Then I showered, and finished shaving under my arms and my legs to make sure they were perfect. [ditto for waxing!]

Just after coming out of the shower, Steve called (the first of the arranged calls), he was just leaving and checking that things were still okay. If there was ever a time to call it all off, it was now, the sensible part of me was screaming "stop, what do you think you are doing?" the woman in me said "yes, see you soon"… Oh well, in for a penny, in for a pound.

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Next step in the transformation was the makeup, first I applied lipstick over the beard area to help cover that (thanks Michelle for the tip!), and used a cover stick to lighten up the dark area under my eyes. On top of this went a foundation cream made by Yardley, with a final powdering to get the foundation to exactly match my colouring, I now had the canvas to paint on.

Next came my some blusher to highlight my cheek bones, a combination of autumn shades for my eyes, eyeliner, mascara and a little eyebrow pencil to make up for all the dust flying around. Finally came the lipstick.

I have been playing recently with new colours, the favourite at the moment is called Chestnut (again by Yardley), it's allegedly a stay fast lipstick, but I think I might have words with Yardley about this… Initially I outlined my lips with a lip pencil to help define and shape them, before applying a layer of lipstick. I hate this point, as my hair hasn't been done yet, I can't decide if the effect works!

Onto the hair then. I tend to use my natural hair rather than a wig (not as hot and can't fall off), this is a challenge in itself as it's not all that long. I first applied lots and lots of styling mousse, before blow-drying and brushing for an eternity whilst I got my hair into something approaching a feminine style, finally I was reasonably happy with it (although I never ever get it to look the same twice), so I applied (far too much) hairspray to keep it under control.

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