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As a bit of a closet crossdress Scottish husband the frill of wearing knickers least when the wife ins’t around drives me often to trips to the toilet during the working day to often wank off or sometimes if I’m really brave strip off and put some sexy panties on and just feel and admirer myself

I’ve been a panty wearing husband for some years and whilst I never thought about meeting with others also never really classed myself as a Scotland tranny or even crossdresser as its really just the feeling of wearing women's knickers that I get on with

I’ve never tried to make myself look like a women and when I look at some of the tgirl members I look in pure admiration

I’m really right now just enjoying wearing panties but recently did the un thought off and joined a contacts website so that I could have some cyber sex as there was no way I’d every in a million and one years hope to meet with an admirer, plus looking at the sexy Scottish trannys theres no way I could ever compete with those members

But I have found a real turn on by chatting to others via chatrooms and now webcam and whilst my story inst long its something that REALY happened and nearly cost me my marriage as theres no way my wife would understand about my enjoyment of wearing women knickers

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I’d been out to the shops and got myself a lace thong & cut panties as my other knickers were just getting so worn out that I needed new ones and with my wife going out with girlfriends tonight had a chance to put them on  and have some fun!

I’d by now joined a crossdress contacts website not with the intention of meeting as that really was a pipe dream but to just interact with other tranny members and hopefully even talk to some Scottish crossdressers

My wife had gone and the wine was open and the PC on and with webcam on was hopefully going to have a fun night of wanking and chatting with other, whilst wearing my knew knickers of course

Rather than wearing anything else I just had my bath robe on and my new white cotton panties and sat down at the PC ready to chat – It didn’t take long before I saw a few crossdress members chatting so joined in and rather than having others jumping in we set up a private room

After chatting for a while and with a rock hard cock pressing over the top of my white cotton knickers another member asked if I wanted to go private and webcam talk, so making sure everything so was set up kicked the webcam into live and we both entered another private webcam room

Once sorted we were both able to see each other and he was another Scottish tranny but not local to me as I was from Glasgow but he was far more a tranny than I could every hope to be as he was sat at the desk and when he stood up was fully dressed and locked more than good enough to FUCK!!

We soon got chatting about sex and by now we both had our cocks out and was enjoying watching each other stroking our cocks and by now my white panties were at my knees and I was so wishing he was closer to me so that I could suck and play with him and likewise the same to me.

We were both getting involved sexually with some cyber sex and I was in a world of pleasure talking to him  when the wife walked in!!!!! Thank fuck I had my bath robe still on so managed to hide everything, including pulling my knickers up and under neath the robe without her noticing.

It is so frustrating not being able to finish things off and once she went to bed I logged back on but he had gone so I sent  a message and hopefully we will cyber webcam sex again, this time the door gets locked !!

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