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Hi ,My name is Caroline and I have a very sexy boyfriend called Jim ,he’s always satisfied me in the sack but I’ve always fantasized about having two men.

A few weeks ago Jims best mate Andy invited us to see a preview of a film he was starring in, but until the lights went down I had no idea what kind of film it would be.I was a bit shocked but not disappointed as I got the gist of the content of the film, basically Andy was the starring role in a XXX porn movie.

The action began pretty soon , Andy had met a really sexy girl , taken her back to his house and things were getting hot .Andy was sucking away on her big tits and she was groping the bulge in his trousers , the close up showed that it was quite a big bulge and I was beginning to get quite exited at the thought of seeing his cock in action.(I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for Andy but this was something else).

On film the girl unbuttoned his trousers and pulled out his huge cock and sunk it into her mouth, I had no idea that Andy had such a big one and the sight of it getting sucked by this really sexy girl was getting me wet, but the best was yet to come.

On screen in walks Andy’s house mate , another strapping guy and surprise surprise it wasn’t long before his big cock was out as well and the girl is holding on to both of them taking it in turns to suck on them. My fantasy has always been to to have two men so this was really turning me on.

The girl then started riding on the other guys cock whilst sucking on Andy’s 8 incher .As she groaned with pleasure I wondered what it would be like to be in that position , my pussy got wetter and wetter as I watched them change positions on the girl fucking her from all angles , then one from behind and one in the mouth, my pussy was so wet and horny now, in the dim light I sneaked a finger into my panties and rubbed my clit as I watched .

Andy’s cock was so huge I began imagining that I was the girl on the film and that Andy’s cock was pounding in and out of me as I sucked away on the other sexy guy .Then they got into position and double penetrated her , this was so hot my fanny was dripping now ,rubbing my clit I was brimming on the edge of climax . finally they pulled out and stood in front of her so she could wank the juice out of them into her eager mouth , the other guy shot first spraying his come all over her face and in her mouth.

Watching it I felt so turned on and as the girl concentrated on Andy’s cock wanking and sucking him ,my clit just exploded and my body writhed in orgasm , I tried to hold it in but I couldn’t help letting out a scream as I came in unison with Andy’s spunk spraying into the girls hungry mouth . my knickers were soaked but I was hungry for more and I had an idea how to get it.

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Jim had been into the idea of sharing me with another man for some time so when I whispered my plan to him he agreed straight away ,now I just had to get Andy on side.

Andy drove us home ,so I invited him in for a drink , with a nod from Jim I got to work on my plan .” Oh you’ve got a really nice big cock Andy “ I said “ It made me really hot watching your film .You know I even started imagining that I was the girl you two studs were fucking”

Andy smiled and looked flattered but didn’t seem to get the hint ,so I said “Alright Andy Ill cut to the chase . I want that gorgeous cock of yours inside me and Jims gonna join in o-kay?” . “o-kay “ he said with a giant grin ,and I got to work.

I pulled of my top and my bra to show him my big DD tits and then tugged of his shirt and teased my fingers down his chest until they reached hi waste band ,a big lump was already showing through his trousers so I got straight to it and unbuttoned his jeans and grabbed a hold of his giant cock .It felt so nice in my hand as I wanked the length of it and I wanted it in my mouth. I sunk my lips around his giant bell end and began sucking hard on his delicious cock

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