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Read dogging stories, outdoor sex scandals - Reading dogging stories offers a real insight into what the scene is about, after all we've all looked at the various outdoor porn sites going around and probably even bought the odd dogging DVD but let us be honest all they are showing is paid porn actors, what we really want is TRUE dogging couples and finding out what they have been up to.

If you are looking for real public sex stories then you need not look any further as we have an army of dogging members that not only love to meet up at the various places around the UK but thankfully like to tell others about their experiences by sending stories in!

These stories not only provide great reading material but also an insight into the outdoor sex lifestyle of swingers & doggers, and as these are submitted by adults that are part of the scene you know these are written by real dogging couples that get the thrill from sex outdoors & in a public places.

Finding dogging locations within stories & profiles

The dogging section within our site gains a massive following mainly so that they can hear what members have been doing and also to get details on current locations, after all that is one of the hardest things these days is finding locations that have not been spoiled by the police of idiots.

The members that contribute these stories range from newbie doggers to the more experienced members that have been in the scene for a couple of years and so have a good understanding when it comes to things like etiquette and even better the best places to go to meet with doggers:

If you want to meet up with UK dogging couples check out the profiles below, although this will list all members but once you've joined you can then search for members that are just into dogging, or just do what everyone else does and that is to read the stories then contact the members direct and ask for details of the location...

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