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Dogging in the forest
Lets go down to the Forest Of Dean and see who's dogging.

since I got divorced I've kinda been on road trip of sexual things I never did when married to my husband as his idea of sex was lights out, quite fuck & sleep, but since joining a swinger site thats all changed for the better and recently I was reading a forum posting about someone dogging in Gloucestershire well the Forest Of Dean near Lydney so one night got in the car to see what it was about

I didn’t have any plans for the evening so I decided to go and aim to get there for about ten. I was disappointed to find that there weren't’t that many cars there. Not to be deterred I decided to park up and just wait a while. After about half an hour a couple of cars turned up.

A guy got out of one and came over to me.He told me I had nice tits and I told him he could touch them if he wanted. He immediately started fondling me. It felt good and it seemed that his hands were everywhere. When I opened my eyes I realised that actually there were two men touching me.

I got out of my car and they each gave one of my tits their full attention. One of them then lifted my skirt to play with my clit and finger fuck me while the other got his cock out for me to suck. I sat back down on the edge of my car seat and wanked off one cock while sucking the other and swapping between the two. Their hands were up my skirt. I put both in my mouth and sucked them together..

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They pulled me to my feet and stripped me to my stockings and shoes. I was naked in the light of the full moon while these two men did whatever they liked to me. As I stood I leaned over and while I sucked one cock the other fucked me from behind and stuck his thumb in my arse.

I’ve always wanted to be spit roasted. It was amazing. They swapped ends and I sucked cock and was fisted. They then lay me across the bonnet of my car while they continued to touch every part of me.They then wanked over me so I was covered in spunk.

When they left I put my clothes back on and got back in my car. A large utility type vehicle drove past a few times and then parked up. The driver got out and approached my car. He asked why I was there and I told him that I liked to suck cock and he asked if I’d had any luck and I told him about the two guys earlier. He asked if I wanted to make it a hat trick and got his cock out for me to suck.

While I was sucking him another guy turned up and stood watching. This gave the guy I was sucking a bit of stage fright but eventually he shot his load all over my face and tits. He then left and the fourth guy came over.

He wanted to watch me pleasure myself and I was happy to oblige. While I was rubbing my clit he was fondling my tits and rolling my nipples. After I had made myself cum he took himself in hand and wanked over my tits. Yep! The tits again!! All was quiet after that so I went home.

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