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Our first dogging meets...real Uk outdoor sex.

We've been thinking about trying some dogging locations out for a while and after a few failed nights joined a forum so we could hopefully get more up to date information thankfully we were not disappointed. After getting some details we headed out.

The first dogging location was dead not a soul in sight so moved onto the next and that was a completely different story. We parked up roughly in the middle and from our car was able to see some other cars that it was pretty clear just what was going on inside. Another car pulled into the carpark and he had a female with him and almost straight away started kissing and then he sat back and his girlfriends head vanished so you didn't really need to know she was going down on him, this settled my girlfriend so we started to have some fun.

We noticed a guy in a car quite close to us and whilst we carried on kissing Karen ( my g/f) kept watching over and she was getting turned on knowing we had a peeping tom. She turned towards me and took my hand and pushed it between her legs and started kissed me much harder. The guy got out of the car and walked over. He looked about our ages and walked alongside the car right up to the car window.

He looked in and I smiled back and he moved a little closer to see as my hand was still between Karen's legs and getting into the flow of things she opened her legs so that he could see better and I carried on playing with her whilst he was watching, by now Karen was getting well into it.

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He then pulled his zip down and pulled out his hard cock and Karen got a clear sight of his cock and lets put it this way he wasn't small, the guy then suggested we drove over to the far corner as its a little quieter and not so public so we drove over and he flowed us in his car.

Once parked up the guy walked over but this time he was a little more confident as Karen opened the window fully so he could stick his head into the car. He could now see me fingering her and looking at her shaven pussy and then asked if it was cool if he placed his hand in and touch Karen's pussy. Looking at Karen she seemed ok so I moved me fingers away from her pussy that was now soaking wet and allowed him to place his hand onto her pussy and slowly started to rub her and play with her clit

To my surprise Karen turned around in the seat and got my cock out and turned her ass towards the window, and started sucking me off and allowing the guy to finger her pussy whilst wanking off. Karen moved round a little more so she could suck me and after 5 minutes turned around and took hold of his cock and started wanking him off by now his jeans had dropped his to the floor and I was surprised when she moved further forward him and told him "don't cum in mouth " and with that started sucking his cock

Karen was now sucking him hard and as she loves oral sex was giving him a great blow job and it was long before he pulled back just in time to not cum into her mouth. The guy pulled his jeans up and moved on and she returned her oral skills back to my cock ......but I was allowed to cum in her month

For out first real dogging meet it went well and I recommend anyone thinking about dogging to check out the forums for the latest locations details

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