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Are you considering joining a swingers website but know nothing about the scene or what to really expect or worst case what others will expect from you? Let's be honest we all have to start somewhere and we are not born swingers so finding information is the key towards understanding about swinging etiquette.

So finding this information is important not only so you have a good swinging experience and also don't upset others you are meeting. There are many customs outside the swinging and it will come as no great surprise that there's also swinging guides, etiquette & rules for people to follow within this great swingers lifestyle.

Whilst we say rules there's no official guide book or law that explains what you should or shouldn't do when meet couples or single, it is really a case of doing a little research & reading, which is the reason why we have this section so you can gain advice on what is acceptable within the swinging lifestyle and community.

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Over time we will be adding help, information & some modern day tips on what UK swinging is about and whilst they are NOT a rule book they will give you some ideas and information especially if you are not sure about swapping partners and swingers etiquette:

This information is currently being updated so return often to get the latest information:

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