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How do I get members to contact me putting effort into your profile is a must

Its a fact swingers website don't work, all the profiles are fake and the only reason they are online is to make money and no other reason......... OK now you maybe thinking "What the fuck" but some people do think like this and more often than not there's an easy answer to this statement

Swingers website's do WORK, but you need to put the effort in yourself to make contacts with people and more often than not the members that post within the chatroom's or forums are ones that have little or no effort into there personals advert or joined in with the community

When joining a swingers website you have to remember that whilst we provide all the tools & services you still have to put the effort into making the site work for you and if you follow these basic tips you WILL get members contacting you and wanting to meet up

Tips for making a swingers website WORK for YOU

  • Once you have joined - theirs no rush to get your profile completed spend some time looking around and seeing what others are saying within their profile
  • Member name - try to use a name thats easy to remember and describes a little bit about yourself
  • Description - its ether first thing people see when search profiles so put something up that tells members about you and makes them want to click on your user name, so a good description " Horny mature couple from Portsmouth, Hampshire looking to meet with couples only" that will be the first thing people will see and if they are looking for mature couples from Hampshire there's every chance they will contact you
  • Profile - this is your chance to tell people about yourself and here you can tell members about your likes and dislikes and what your expecting from the meet. If you only put one line of text then members are going to be clueless about what your after and likewise will either ignore your profile or send messages asking for more information
  • Photos - photos are extremely important after all members join these sites so they can look at members then if their is a sexual attraction contact the member and without any photos people won't have a clue about you. But more important is photos will prove to others that you are serious and genuine swingers and want to meet. More often than not profiles with no photos will get a very poor response. You don't have to show your face but something is better than nothing at all
  • Get Involved - within the site we have forums, chatroom's & blogs so lots of ways that members can get involved with others and by using this members will see you online and contact you directly from the chatroom's

So its NOT a case that swingers sites don't work its more so that you have to put a little thought into what you are doing and more so get involved, after all our site is like like a swingers club, if you sit in the corner and don't get involved and present yourself well no one will want to meet and chat

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want to try us out? as we offer free membership you can join for free and see for yourself, but remember you will only get out what you put in, if you make no effort the members won't bother contacting you and you'll just be someone else saying " swingers website's don't work"

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