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Swingers Advice

What can I do at a swingers party
knowing what you can and can't do at a swingers parties

when it comes to going to your first swingers party or maybe meeting up with a couple at a party there really no forum rules and most if not all of the parties I've attended just except the fact that members or people attending will have basic manners, if not they soon will be asked to leave, although like I said personally I've never experienced this

Although this isn't the case at some swingers clubs where almost anyone is allowed in even after completely a membership, but this is the big difference between going to someone's home for party of going to private club, people just seem to almost put different heads on and things they would never do in someone home will be quite happy to in a swingers club, which is why I no longer go to clubs and prefer parties

In most house parties there are no real formal rules but like I said basic manners will take you a long way and certainly have others wanting to chat or better still have sex with you

Private house parties are becoming more popular mainly due to contacts sites as now its much easier for swingers to let others know about a date & locations for the party and more than anything else it means that groups of people can meet and have sex in a safe and friendly environment which sometime is something missing from the private clubs

In most cases parties will be attended by members over 25/30 + and apart from the age factor swingers parties are pretty well open to anybody and you'll find most parties will have a good cross section of members both race, size & sexual preference.

There are some considerations you have to take into account when attending a private meet is that you are a guest in someone's home and should behave like one and not just take it that you can freely walk around rooms that are not open and often when going into a party the hosts will show you rooms that are closed

When you get to the party track down the hosts and if your taking drink keep it light after all your going there to shag not to get pissed up after all from a males viewpoint you know what happens if you drink too much! Smoking is something also that personally even if the hosts smoke I don't like to see as I've seen swingers in the past burnt by cigarettes

In some cases the hosts will introduce members to each other and if you get on well with one couple you probably will arrange to meet again more privately, but when chatting with others be polite don't just assume you can jump in and start playing ASK!!! and remember no means NO and never try to force yourself on other adults who don’t want you.

so like I said by following some basic manners you'll get on great with the other swingers and hopefully even get invited back to other parties

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