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Hampshire Bi sex swingers story
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Ok this is a little brief, just like me really plus I'm no budding author I just wanted to tell others what happened and hopefully give other guys the push they need to try sex with another guy!

I had been considering about my sexuality for sometime not that I wanted to go into some hampshire gay or tranny bar I wasn't that sure but I knew I had the nagging idea that I wanted to try sex with another guy, quite how far that sex will go and what happens at that stage I didn't know.

I came to realise I was definitely bi so needed to do something about it otherwise I'd be in my 70's thinking " I wonder what it would have been like" and had fantasised about it for years and never had the opportunity to do something about it or put my male cock sucking urges into action.

Something happened one night that made me think that I did not want to go on forever wondering "what if?". So, turning towards the internet I started at first looking for bi male contacts sites then gay ,but settled for a swingers site as they seemed to have a good consecution of gay & straight members

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I joined up and posted a profile and then started contacting a few members really just to see what type of feedback I'd get and soon got a reply from a guy and we arranged to meet.

I was really nervous as hell! However, I knew I had to try and soon the night came and I drove to his house, we met in his comfortable house, and it was really quite relaxed. After a drink or two, he asked if I wanted to touch him and I said I would prefer going upstairs, and knew this was really it!

We went upstairs and undressed, I laid down on the bed and began touching each other, I found I was enjoying it A LOT!! and was getting very hard with his touching me and enjoying playing with him, but I found my mouth moving to his cock, and taking it in.

It was wonderful... smooth, and hard at the same time I began to realise why girls loved to suck dick as it was FUCKING GREAT and to cut to the chase we both had a great time, and I thoroughly enjoyed it and looking forward to meeting him and others again

Quite how far I'm going to go with my bisexuality is another thing but right now is oral but the idea of another guy fucking me is something thats nagging in the back of my mind.....and you know what that means

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