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What can I say I’ve always loved sex with younger males! And if that gives me the title of being a cougar do you really think for give a frack ….NOPE

I’ve been married and even when married I always had an eye for younger male and my husband knew this and excepted my ways, well it was a case of let me fuck young males or good bye hubby, which is eventually what happened anyway's, but that wasn’t just down to the young guys, more a fact of him preferring them as well !!

So this weekend I’d gone to a health spa as I needed pampering and booked myself for a long weekend soaking up all those horny young bodies and getting myself freshened up. The room was nice over looking the pool and the bods mmm yum I was thinking straight away I was going to have some fun so headed down to the pool and set my towel up

I stripped off to what many would class as a micro bikini, ok its small but it covers all the right bits and there was no children allowed so really didn’t care too much that I flashed so bits off, plus this bikini is always a guarantee of some attention

At first the attention was the type I didn’t want, fifty something guys with beer bellies and no hair YUCK – but then mmm yum this young guy came into view and my cougar hunting skills went into over ride.

He only looked about 19 and yes I’m a 50 something women but trust me I can put many thirty year old women to shame with my looks and body and started out my plan to catch him

He sat by the side and I made sure he got a really good flash when I was putting oil on my body rubbing it in well and making sure as I moved my hands between my legs my legs brushed against my bikini bottoms and it wasn’t long after doing this he walked over

His name was Ken – bit of a wank name but I only wanted him for one thing alone and after chatting and turning on the flirting I asked him back to my room ( I don’t hang around, I’m a cougar on heat!)

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Once in the room he sat down and I walked over taking my top off revealing my firm breasts and already rock hard nipples, he leaned forward and kissed my nipples and looking at him I told him I would break and with that started sucking on my tits harder

With that my nipples responded both got very hard and looking down could see the effect it was having as he now hard a hard cock sticking out from his shorts, he then moved his hand down to my bikini bottoms that already had a damp patch forming where I was getting wet and when she started fingering me my legs nearly gave way as he inserted three fingers straight inside me  

This was all I needed to want something bigger inside me and I was thinking along the lines of his cock rather than a few fingers – pulling the side strings of my bikini it dropped to the floor and I was standing there naked and he looked me up and down saying that he’d never had sex with an older women before and getting hold of him and pulling him towards his feet I told him he was in for treat

I walked him towards the bed and laying down he removed his shorts and got a glimpse of that firm young cock and pulling him on top of me he slipped straight inside and wrapping my legs around him told him to fuck me!”!

With that he started fucking me like he’d never had sex before and knew if he carried on would soon cum inside so I made sure I got there first and came which shortly afterwards hew came inside me as well

Laying onto top of me he said sorry for cumming so fast and looking at him told him to get on his back as I went down and started getting him hard again. We fucked all afternoon and that was only my first young male there  

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