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Scottish BDSM story
She was ordered to strip in the bedroom and get ready for master.

I was driving to meet master in a Glasgow hotel room and knew never to ask him why or the reason he’d booked this hotel, maybe it was close to where he lived or perhaps he knew the owner, either way I was heading towards him with about the strongest apprehension I’d ever had as meeting your friend as well that you’d arranged to join us

As I pull up to the hotel I head towards the desk and check in then head to my room you’d booked for me and walking past a large mirror, I look towards myself and think “do you really know what your letting yourself into ……”

Walking into I place my bags down, looking around the room its present enough with a very large bed knowing to myself that’s going to get well used later, but for now follow my master guidelines and head towards the bathroom to freshen myself up.

Walking into the room the bath is massive so with time in hand run myself a bath and laying back soak up the heat and let the water clean and freshen my body and as I lay there getting ready for whats ahead I suddenly realise time and panic getting out and wrap myself in a towel and quickly apply make, then my phone rings!!!, we are coming soon your ready? But it wasn’t really a question more a statement “YOUR READY”, I reply  “yes sir".

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Going back into the bedroom I get dressed pulling on stockings, thong, bra and knee length boots you purchased me and nothing else other than a silk robe, as I sit on the bed waiting for my master plus one!! .

The door goes and I walk towards, opening the door I moved to one side as you walk into the room "hello SLUT” as I close the door I look around for someone else but not saying or asking anything as I know that’s not my place, you walk towards me as you pull the belt from my robe and look at my underwear

Looking at you I could tell you weren’t happy and I’m confused at what I’ve done wrong when you order me to remove my bra as I wasn’t told to wear one and as I remove it, standing there in just boots, stockings and thong you seemed pleased, I could see your vision was fixed on my pierced nipples that were no getting and the resulting effect that my pussy was now dampening.

The door goes............ and my master looked towards me odering me to open the door ..........more inside the members section

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