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This Horny Somerset wife knew one thing, she wanted to try sex outdoors with a stranger and knew she had to do something about it

My interest was driving me mad, just what was it like to have dogging sex with a total stranger? I knew of a few dogging locations around somerset but these were so over patrolled by police no one in the right mind used them now, so joined a contacts website with hopefully the idea of meeting with Somerset swingers & dogging males

It didn't take long once a member to have a few males contacting me and considering the "very" risky" photos I posted within my profile I hoped they would have the right effect........which they did

I was contacted by Peter a much younger swinger than me but he said he knew of location where we could meet and after looking at his profile photos knew I just had to see him and more so get to grips with his 9" cock

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I responded to his messages and quickly arranged a meet as I WANTED his cock inside me and the very idea was making me wet thinking abut it - We arranged to meet up at some Somerset dogging location ( contact me and I'll tell you were)

I pulled into the carpark and it wasn't long before we walked over and got into the car, it didn't take long before hand slid slowly up my thigh I waited.... because I knew something he didnt.... I wasnt wearing any underwear.

He pushed my skirt further up.... and then fingers found soft smooth skin, and I parted my legs.... so that he could caress.....explore...... and as we looked deep into each others eyes he slid a finger inside me....and I sighed.

I pushed him back against the seat.... and I kissed him..... with lust....pure unadultarated lust and wanting.....while he fingered my clit and probed inside me.....

my heart raced, my breathing quickened as I stopped kissing him, and undid his jeans. They are not the easiest things to get off.....but lust won out... And off they came.

Neither of us wanted foreplay....there wasnt time.... it had to be now.... I had this urge to feel him inside me.... and so without speaking I straddled him.

Lowering myself down onto his cock.... and feeling it slide between my moist lips.... I orgasmed.... over and over.

just the feel of his skin sliding inside mine so deeply, its hardness pushing the sides as it entered, and its warmth made my need rise.... and I pushed him in all the way....
feeling my own juices running down over his cock....

Lust consumed me in a white fire...

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