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Long Term Butt Plug Wear
Could you wear a butt plug? BDSM stories.

Hello Everyone! - This is my first post, so i hope it goes well. i'd like to take a moment to introduce myself. i am a slave to my long-time girlfriend and now-Domme, Mistress Melanie.  Anyway, my question is in regard to butt-plug training (or any other type of anal discipline for that matter).

my Mistress has always felt that, in Her experience in the lifestyle, that anal training is virtually a necessity in slave training. (my Mistress was a 24/7 submissive for two years before transitioning into a dominant role and has had experience giving and receiving anal play)

Mistress Melanie has been training me to wear a butt plug for increasingly extended periods. This is where my concern comes in. Don't get me wrong, i love being plugged up; its so humbling and pleasurable at the same time. Currently, i sleep each night and often go to work plugged. 

After a few weeks of the same routine, i got tired of being plugged. i decided to simply stop wearing my plug by removing it as soon as i was out of Mistress' presence. Well, Mistress caught me after a mere three days. 

As a punishment for my direct act of disobedience, Mistress Melanie has established the following terms: i will be kept permanently plugged (That is, i will be plugged all the time aside from nature's calling), i will be allowed to take it out twice per day for quick breaks under Her supervision, assuming that my obedience levels are satisfactory; i will be allowed to wear my medium sized plugs, and last but not least; my butt plug will be locked securely in place with a harness from Lucy's Lair. (i do not know what it looks like, but it is pretreated leather with a cock ring and three padlock holders. Anyone know what i'm talking about?) 

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There is no point in trying to change my situation; Mistress Melanie has informed me that it will happen. If i was just a submissive and not a full-fledged slave, i would have a different future ahead of me. But i'm a slave, i don't really have the option of saying yes or no.

When i was collared, i promised to submit unconditionally and wholeheartedly in my service. So, i'm not upset about this punishment, i'm just not looking forward to it. It is only a matter of days until the harness arrives which will then be promptly broken in. 

So anyway, i apologize for rambling on and on and on, but i had some venting to do. i am ready to be a plugged up slave. In all honestly, it will probably be good for improving my service. i have often read about slaves who wear plugs all the time but i have not had the opportunity to personally communicate with one.

My question: does anyone else, Dom/me or slave/sub, have any experience with this type of play? Any slaves here undergo a period of service where you were plugged all the time? If so, are you still wearing your plug? Any Dom/mes done this with their subs/slaves? I'm already guessing that 24/7 wear will greatly affect the sincerity of my devotion to Mistress in a positive manner. Anyone have any input/experience to share about that? 

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