Welsh couple have sex in office whilst others watch



Wales public sex story
They wanted sex in the offer so this Welsh swinging couple did something about it - what they didn't plan for was everyone watching them

office party two staff get it off in  the conference room.  They turn on the video feed by accident and the whole party watches them,  they come out to applause and have another fuck live on the table.

Tonight was the night of the office party, but it was an especially exciting night for me and my girlfriend Amy, because I was going to help her fulfil one of her fantasises.  This was why, despite the casual dress code, she was wearing a full length dress because underneath were thigh high latex boots a leather corset which hugged and squeezed her c cup breasts and a pair of leather crotchless panties. From the outside she looked like she was attending a wedding only I knew of the slut that lay beneath.  

After making our presence know and mingling a little with out friends we slipped out of the main room into the conference suit.  Although we had both worked in the building for years, we weren't involved in many conferences and certainly had no idea where the light switch was.  Stumbling round in the dark it was hard to keep quiet as we were constantly walking into things.  I came across a control panel and in desperation draggedmy hand across it pressing every button.  The lights flickered on, success.  Neither of us noticed the red lights on the cameras that flickered on as well.

We got strait to business acting out the little script we had prepared earlier.  Amy was a CEO, powerful and ruthless, I was a employee who had failed her and had been told to come to her office to face her wrath.  By the time she had started spanking me for my failure someone had noticed some noise coming through the speakers underneath the party music.  After a few minutes off confusion on of the tech guys said it must be coming from the conference sweet, cut the music and suddenly 15 large screens all around the office were filled with me naked and bent over the desk, Amy standing over me half naked and clothed in leather spanking me

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“That will teach you to disobey me you insolent slug now in future when I ask you to do something what do you say”....“...yes” I stammered “Yes MISTRESS” She corrected harshly with another hard blow to my ass.  “So if I asked you to eat my ass” She said getting on all fours on the desk, spreading her legs wide giving the camera good look at her engorged pussy lips and throbbing clit. “Yes mistress” I said weekly and I knelt before her and timidly started tonguing her wrinkled brown hole.  “You had better do a better job than that, you don;t want to upset your mistress, do you?” “No mistress” I said licking harder, shoving my nose between her ass cheeks filling my nostrils with her shitty scent.  “Oh yes slut, stick your tongue right into me, lick my bowels you rat, oh yes!”

The whole office had gather round the largest screens now watching in wrapped awe at me furiously tonguing my girlfriends tight ass faster and faster as she moaned in pleasure until her hand dispeared between her legs and with a final squeal her fluids gushed onto my face.

She climbed of the desk and helped me to my feet kissing me deeply.  “Thank you baby”“Don't I loved it too babe” “Mistress” she corrected me with a playful slap

We got dressed again and I turned off the light and we headed out into the party, to find there was no music and no people.  Rounding a corner was saw everyone grouped round the giant screen showing a live image of the dark conference room.  Oh Fuck.  As soon as they saw us the crowd erupted in cheers and clapping,  we both looked at each other and blushed.  “Sorry you had to see that, everyone” Amy said meekly but no one seemed to care, people were shouting out from the crowd saying how hot it was and how it had made the best office party ever.

Then a lone drunken voice cried out that he had always knew Amy was a slut and I was a sissy.  The crowd hushed, I already knew who it was, my prick of a boss, he had always hated me and I had never been able to do anything but this was too far.  I strode towards him with a raised fist when a hand from behind stopped me.  It was Amy.

“Don't worry baby I'll teach him some manners”.  She unzipped her dress as she walked to ward him before stepping out of it revealing her sexy alter ego, and her pussy, for the whole office to gawp at live.  “Your right I'm such a slut, but you just make me so horny” kissed him deeply while undoing his tie and shirt.  She was confused but was soon kissing back. His hands wandered round to Amy's ass and she replied with a quick knee to the balls making him bend double.  The crowd that had formed a circle round then gasped.  Using the tie she had just taken off she expertly brought his hands behind him and tied them together. 

Recovering from the first blow he straitened up fixed on Amy with rage in his eyes, She was ready for him though, when charged towards her he received another blow to the stomach one again stopping in his track, followed by a kick that sent him sprawling to the ground.  She stood one leg each side of his head and looked down menacingly.  “Now you will apologise to me and to my boyfriend and admit that your a piece of human filth.” “Or what” he spat in return.  Wrong answer.

For a moment there was tense anticipation from the crowd but nothing seemed to happen, Amy was just standing there looking like she was concentrating hard on some unknown problem. Only I knew what was coming next and I was already stroking my cock. 

A golden jet shot out of her pussy and splatered over the pricks face, he squirmed and wriggled trying to escape but Amy had had time to practise her aim and he had nowhere to run.  Eventually he opened his mouth to gasp desperately for bit but all he got was a mouthful of hot piss.  Abruptly the shower stopped.  “have you learned your leson worm or do you want me to shit on you infront of everyone” she said matter of factly.

“I'm sorry I called you a slut and I'm sorry I called John a sissy” “And?” “And I'm a piece of human filth.” “good boy”, the office cheered and everyone came up to thank Amy for dealing with the prick properly. 

Eventually I had to break it up, I was just to horny to wait.  “Thanks for all your support folks but I think me and Amy want to go off and have some private time”  Everyone laughed the circle started to disperse when Amy climbed on top of the desk and bent over revealing her dripping wet pussy. “Where's the fun in private time John? Now get up here an fuck me”
“Yes mistress”

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