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Should I go alone? Female swinger
she tells us why she went alone to yorkshire club.

I am a party girl who loves the fine things in life and I have more sex buddies than friends and very bi. I am perpetually horny and wet most of the time, hence, no knickers. My erogenous zones are my penny-sized nipples and the nape of my neck. Kiss or lick me there and I am in seventh heaven.

Lately I have been getting a bit bored with my sex life and needed a real challenge. Spending time on the net, I can across swinging and that got me really going. Reading more about it made me realise that this is probably what I have been missing and could really spice up my life.

So the next stage was to look for, either house parties or clubs and depending on what you read, there is quite a choice. I came across a Club in yorkshire and rather liked like the idea of a club. So I called a very charming Gentleman took me through what to expect at the club.

He assured me that there will be no pressure to get involved and I could just sit in the corner and enjoy the ambience and music (although, I knew that I am not the one to just sit around). I was sold on the idea of visiting this club for my first swinging experience. Now I had to decide which party to attend.

I looked at the clubs website and it rather appealed to me. I had only 3 days to wait before going to the club and most of my waking moment was just thinking all about it. So many questions and naughty thoughts. I decided to go alone as I was not ready to take any of my sex-buddies with me because I wanted to explore it alone without any baggage with me.

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As Saturday dawned, I decided on the sexiest outfit that I had. It was a black silk dress with a very low neckline which would accentuate my cleavage. It was fairly short and if it rose a couple of inches, it would show my crotch. The Bra was one size short with nipples showing and my boobs waiting to burst out. I was definitely not going to wear any knickers and the risk was that my wetness might glisten through.

I decided to take a cab as I wanted to enjoy my drinks. It promptly arrived at 9pm and I got in the back with the driver holding the door open for me. I deliberately sat down first and then took in one leg at a time. I am sure that he saw my pussy and he started adjusting himself to hide his hard-on! As he got is the driver’s seat, he pretended to adjust this rear-view mirror but I knew that he was peeving on my cleavage as he could see my nipples.

It was half an hour ride and the driver could just not concentrate on the road which gave me an idea. I asked him to stop at the nearest cash machine. After pretending to draw some money, I surprised him by getting in the front seat. I adjusted my seatbelt so that the strap pressed between the breasts which meant that the breasts were showing in their full glory. I was having fun watching him get a real hard-on which he tried to hide but every movement that he made, probably made it very uncomfortable for him.

We arrived at the club at about 10pm and I was nervous at this stage. It was some kind of an industrial estate and I began to get a bit worried at what kind of a club would be based in a estate like this. We drove around the various blocks until we came to where the club is. There were a few people milling around waiting for the doors to open.

As I got out of the cab, again very deliberately, to give the drive a last look at my ample body so that he can have wet dreams for a long time, I was conscious of many eyes looking at me, both male and female. I was enjoying this attention and getting slightly turned on and people were making, ever so slight movements, to get my attention. I felt slight dampness in my pussy which was not helped when this hunk of a doorman approached me to guide me to the reception. I could see that he was having a field day eyeing me.

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